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About Me

Dec 29th, 2017 was my last day as an employee. Jan 1st 2018 was my first day as a 2nd-time entrepreneur. The first time I had started up back in 2011, I incurred a loss of 14 Lakhs. So this time I had to be extra careful. The journey of becoming a digital entrepreneur was easy to start because there was no investment, there were no office cost, employee cost etc.

But there were different kinds of (most internal) challenges that I had o overcome.

Post corona, there will be more number of employees turning entrepreneurs and I want to educate these Gig-sters so that they don’t face any challenges that I went through

The Bug

The entrepreneur bug bit me first back in 2011 and it never let go off me. I consider those people ‘chosen’ who get bitten by this bug because now we can make a dent in the universe. 😉

What I Offer

Website Creation

I design beautiful money making websites for business owners and start-up entrepreneurs. Click on the link to set up a time for discussion.

Business Coaching

Quitting my job and starting my business was a sporadic decision. Along with the freedom and the cash, also came many challenges. Had I not overcome those challenges, I would not be here teaching about it.

Having said that, some experiences were so heartbreaking and heart wrenching, that I would not want anyone to go through it.

Also, some lessons, if you learn from you, you will save at least 2 years of your time, maneuvering and stabilizing your business and you could instead use that time scaling your business.

If you would like to learn my secrets, sign up below and you will hear from me.