Women and Tech – a match not made in heaven?

Disclaimer – I have a few friends in good positions in large scale tech organisations. I read some interesting stats at dreamhost.com Step inside any office, and it’s easy to see that most aren’t staffed to be gender equal. Want some more dismal data on the disparity? Only 25 percent of computing jobs are held by women. This ...
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Don’t Postpone Your Life, & Your Startup

There are many SMEs in India (some not even started yet), which NEED to go online. Unless and until they go online, they cannot contribute to the global business. Unless and until they go online, they cannot impact a LOT of people. India is soon going to be the STARTUP capital of the world. How do we ensure that our services go global and reach the maximum number of people. So I decided that it was my MISSION to impact 2.5 million such business and take them online.
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