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Customized Online Marketing Strategy For Your Business

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Before I help you design a customized Website Marketing strategies with you, I want you to be absolutely certain, what your goal/expectation from the website is. If you have not yet done that, I recommend that you go through this blog, to set a goal for your website.

Once we have set the goal, then we can go ahead and engineer a marketing strategy for your website.

Two years ago, I made my first website and started blogging. I was employed at that time and was trying to look for additional sources of income. I had heard a lot about passive income and the preliminary requirement for that was a website. Later as I studied further, passive income need a lot of work to be put in first and wasn’t really PASSIVE.

That time, I used to write a blog about daily events and would put it on my facebook profile. At the most I got 10 people to hit my blog link and I was lost. I didn’t know how to get more and more people on my website. But in the process at least I learned how to make beautiful websites.

I am trying to tell you that it takes work to market your website, even though it does not cost much. Following are some of the tips and tricks that you can implement right from today to start increasing traffic to your website.

The MORE traffic you have on your website, the MORE leads you generate for your website, the MORE leads you generate on your website, the MORE SALES you convert for your BUSINESS.

Step 1: Measure Traffic

What you can’t measure, you can’t grow.

Install Google analytics on your website. To do that install a plugin “Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)” on your WordPress site, authenticate your plugin with your google analytics account and start measuring the traffic that comes to your website.

It will look some thing as below.

Step 2: Improve Traffic To Your Website

Traditional Methods:

Traditionally, people have got visitors to the website by printing the website URL on visiting cards, brochures, displayed on event powerpoints and sending an email containing the website URL to existing contacts. But those are outdated ways of generating web traffic.

Big Spikes of Traffic

Some businesses engage into launching websites with a lot of drum rolls. Even though it has to be done and gives a good momentum, but sadly, most business STOP at that. Once they launch the website, they don’t do anything to CONTINUE to market the website. Then comes another big event, where they put their websites on PPT, Brochures, and Fliers but that’s about it.

Instead of continuously courting traffic for the website, they rely heavily only on the BIG Spikes. In the case of websites, there should be constant activity going on, that drives more and more, traffic to your website consistently (on a daily basis).

Smaller Consistent Spikes of Traffic

Let the big events be a bonus type of website traffic. Instead focus on allocating dedicated resources to publish quality, traffic attracting content on your website. Lets be honest. No one comes to your website unless they need something. Either it could be information that they need or they want your organization to solve their problem for them. In either case, ensure that your visitors get a beautiful, seamless user experience. Ensure that they get to see, what they like to see (Results) and ensure that they get to read what they need to read (Useful, thorough content).

If neither of the above happens then it is quite possible that this visitor, who stopped by your website once, never revisits again. Your website content about your niche should be so addictive that the visitor comes back again and again.

Create Valuable Content

Always remember,

People don’t like to be sold BUT people love to buy.

What does it mean? Have you been to a clothing store, where instead of letting you browse, there is a salesperson who is constantly pushing you into buying something or the other. You know, how creepy it is.

Similarly when someone comes to your website, and all they can see is advertisements, or product features and functionalities etc, they might not be very motivated to come back again. But if you can write some content, which people find value in, then they are most likely to come back to your website.

No matter what your domain is, there is always a lot of content that you can provide to your prospective buyers, so much so that one day, they decide to do business with you on your own.

This strategy applies to an e-commerce store also. For example, there are so many online shops in the market. Your visitor could have browsed through a number of online shops before coming to your shop. How do you make sure, that your visitor remembers you and your shop distinctly. How can you provide value in your online shop to a visitor who did not come with the intention of buying?

  1. You could show them a video of how your products are made
  2. You could show them a 3D video about your products
  3. You could show them that your process is eco-friendly
  4. You could write about where you source your raw material from

In fact, you try to make them a part of your journey, so much so that they start to know you as a friend and then they will never forget your online shop.

This will not only make them a regular visitor but it will also encourage them to share your website product links with their friends and family members.

Therefore you need to ensure that your visitors get a good friendly user experience on your website.

Generate Smaller (Consistent) Spikes of Traffic

Once you have your content ready, you can publicize your new content on all your social media channels. In this way, you start to now BRING your social media traffic to your website, and increase the number of visitors.

By creating quality, valuable content specific to your product or your niche, you also inform Google, that you are a high-quality website and that it should start sending traffic your way. The more people start visiting your website, the more Google starts thinking of your website as an authority website and starts sending more traffic to you. Of course, this does not happen in days. It takes months for a website to develop such history and the consistent publishing of new content also is rewarded by Google in the long run.

Google understands words more than any other type of content. But you have to keep your home page of the website, clear and concise about your broader message to your target audience. And within the blog section, you can use a lot of text.

Once you start getting organic content continuously on your website and you have got the confirmation, that you are indeed able to create good quality content for your visitors, now would be the time to start Google Adwords campaign for specific keywords that would attract your target audience to your website.

Google AdWord is a paid service of Google, which allows you to choose, for which keywords and for which geographical location, your website should show up in a user’s search results. It would make sense to choose keywords, which not many people would use and yet you would get quality searches for the same on Google.

Video Marketing

Nowadays, 87% of companies are using video marketing as one of the most important source of advertisement. When one makes a video and publishes it, it becomes easier for people to grasp the message quickly and also starts driving more and more traffic to your website.

Videos also contribute towards increasing the credibility of an organization and an individual. People tend to trust the face value more than the written value. Also, people have their radars up for attracting people, who mirror their own values and personality traits in others. So the chances of you attracting like-minded people through your videos increase dramatically.

Lead Bread crumbs for Visitors to Follow

As you start publishing quality content consistently on your website, sooner or later, your number of visitors will keep growing. This you can see on the google analytics WordPress dashboard. Now that you have succeeded in bringing traffic to your website, show them the way to take action. Contribute to their user experience by showing them where they could sign up with you so that you collect their email addresses and they get some valuable information right into their inbox.

Ensure that while you collect their email addresses, you give them a free eBook or a template that they could use, anything that your target audience will find useful (LEAD MAGNET).

You could show them a pop up on your website, which pops up after 2 mins of the visitor staying on your website.

You could have a signup form on the right column of the webpage. Lead your visitor and provide so much value that they want to leave their email address readily.

Email Marketing

Once you have collected their email address, it now makes sense to provide ADDITIONAL and SPECIAL VALUE to people who have taken the time and energy to leave their email address on your website. But that does not give us a right to spam them. Instead, I would suggest writing emails once or twice a week, letting them know your expertise and that you are there for them, whenever needed.

The idea is not to sell directly via email but bring them either to your online shop (where they can buy) or to a webinar or a strategy call where you could discuss their specific requirement.

As Vick says, Marketing is teaching. Vick is someone who makes 1 million dollars per month from his website. So if he says it, that must be correct!

Teach Teach Teach and then Pitch.

So these are some of the marketing strategies to start with, which can help you take your website to a slightly higher level than right now.

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