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‘Madam’ Gigster.

I am an Online Business Queen (having served 200+ businesses) making an average $5000 (USD) consistently on Fiverr.

Good news is that I can help you find and monitize that one skill that makes you one of a kind!

When you book a coaching call with me:

You find:

  • Turning You Into SuperYou.
  • Help You Make Money Online From 🏡.
  • Help You Get Clarity.
  • Help You Find Your Superpowers.

About Me

I am also a foodie, who loves to dance, enjoy and be unapologetically myself ALL THE TIME. I work while watching TV, I wake up whenever my eyes open, I am a rule-breaker, a rebel who can be conquered by nothing but Love.

When you book a call, you get..

Step 1

Find Your Ikigai – Sweet Spot for Micro-Niche.

Step 2

What Is The Problem That You Are Solving And Why?

Step 3

Who Is Your Ideal Client Avatar And Where To Find Them?

Step 4

What’s Your Story? Why Should You Solve Their Problem? (Bio)

Step 5

What Should Be Your Message For Your Ideal Clients?

Step 6

Define Your Products And Services.

Step 7

Sell Your Product And Services.

Step 8

Manage Money Using TWCGO Formula + Money Mindset Strategies.

My Thoughts. Your Learnings.

Creativity and longevity

Creativity and longevity

Every other person you see, notice them closely. You will observe that they are living life mindlessly, taking decisions blindly because others are taking the same decisions, they have no goals, no aspirations, no ambitions and they are not living the life of their...

What Is Your Intention ? Recognition or Contribution?

What Is Your Intention ? Recognition or Contribution?

Whenever someone thinks about starting a business or any other initiatives, the first question they should ask themselves is, are they doing it to look good or are they doing it to start a business.  As I write this blog, there is a ginormous amount of COVID...

How To Clean Your Aura For Success

How To Clean Your Aura For Success

If you are someone who is trying very hard to get the results that you have set out to achieve but for one reason or another, you are nowhere close to the results that you are looking for then this article is for you.  You could have the same qualification as...

How To Create A WordPress Website

How To Create A WordPress Website

PS: Post contains affiliate links because I believe in those products. Introduction:  Let’s face it. A single source of income is not going to be enough in today’s time. And the threat of losing the job only ads to the worries.  But the more you worry, the...

I Would Rather Stick To This Chair…

I Would Rather Stick To This Chair…

Many years ago, when I was still an employee, I found myself stuck to my employment chair like a chewing gum. I even joked about it with my colleagues.  The 4PM Dong! This job was not rewarding, was not paying well and we all dreaded the 4 pm dong, when the conference...

Project Timeline and Profitability

Project Timeline and Profitability

I was recording last night when my laptop battery was just 11%. So I quickly wrapped up the podcast because the power had been out all day (because of cyclone Nisarg) and I wasn't going to be able to publish this podcast later. In this episode I talk about project...

“Your Business Will Grow To The Extent That You Do. – Sidz”