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How To Clean Your Aura For Success

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If you are someone who is trying very hard to get the results that you have set out to achieve but for one reason or another, you are nowhere close to the results that you are looking for then this article is for you. 

You could have the same qualification as someone else, you could have the same experience and expertise as someone else yet, you don’t have the results as someone else, could be an indication that your aura is messed up.

Now, some people (I myself have) call it mindset, mindfulness, energy, but lately I had an experience that made me call this phenomenon Aura. 

So, after struggling for many years, for the last couple of years, I did end up getting all the results that I was looking for. One fine day, all the sorrows had vanished, money started flowing into our lives like rain and there was absolutely nothing to worry about. 

Fair enough ?  

But then came the 2nd wave of corona. And all the stability and enthusiasm that I was feeling turned slightly into worry, anger for the administration, sadness for the people who were dying and mostly the jolt of unpredictability that had presented itself uninvited.

And to avoid that bloodbath, I had to divert my mind somewhere so I started consuming TV series on amazon prime one after the other. 

First I finished watching House M.D all over again for the medical suspense drama and then I moved into even creepier psycho suspense thriller “Bates Motel”. I started consuming 1 episode after another, of course during breaks, in between my work hours but still, that was enough to make my mental conditioning worse day after day. 

Add to that, my bantering on twitter (@cringle2016) over various political issues did not help either. Slowly within a couple of months, I felt like my mind was not in my control anymore. Sometimes I felt frustration, sometimes I felt paranoia, sometimes I felt anger, sometimes I felt guilt, sometimes I felt anxious, sometimes I felt sad for myself and everyone else, sometimes I felt indifferent towards my goals, my results that I was wanting to achieve. 

Eventually, when there were moments where I was not a victim of my creation anymore, I realized that my aura, the energy around me was totally messed up. I sensed a feeling of filth and dirt around me in the form of these various bad emotions. And this bad aura was leading to me being even more away from my goals than before. 

And I had to do something about it. 

What Is Aura? 

Before I write any further, let me explain to you the concept of aura. 

There have been many scientific studies that have proved that there exists a spiritual energy field around our whole body, which is called as aura. 

In Yogic science, our 7 chakras are responsible for transforming our aura if all chakras are in sync with each other. Sadly most of us live a more responsive life than a proactive life. We react mostly to situations than think about it in advance and prepare to react in a certain way. 

On the contrary, Yogic people are more proactive in their approach and that is the reason that they either meditate or practice Yog on a daily basis to balance their chakras in advance, to control their reactions in a better way. 

Anyways, this article is for people who don’t meditate and are reactive like you and me.

So I found that the energy around my body was totally messed. 

According to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, our Aura is a manifestation of our emotions, feelings, which inturn are the outcome of our actions. 

My action in this case was to watch TV series like “Bates Motel” and it took me off my good productive place. For you, maybe “Bates Motel” would not be as effective, maybe something else will trigger you more into negativity than this TV series. 

I am just giving you my reference so that you can observe what took you off your center or takes you off your center in your daily life. 

The moment I realized (after a couple of days) that my aura is messed up, I don’t feel good, I feel bad, and that’s taking my attention off my business and my goals, the first thing I determined to do was to NEVER watch any TV series again. 

That was definitely the source of my agitation. 

But how to repair the damage that was already done? 

Repairing Aura (Cleansing)

What do you do when your clothes get dirty? 

You take them off and put them in a washing machine, right? 

That’s exactly what we have to do to cleanse our aura. 

Sadly, aura is not something that you can take off and out in the washing machine. 

Take a Bath

But because your aura resides close to your body, taking a bath can definitely help. 

It’s been 3 days since I watched the last episode of “Bates Motel” and I don’t feel that filthy anymore. In fact I feel much better, more at peace, more proactive to choose thoughts and feelings and I have taken a bath 4-5 times in this duration. 

If you want to go one step further, then take a salt bath. Put salt in a bucket of water or rub salt over you like soap and take a shower afterwards. If you don’t feel better, if you feel crappy then keep taking salt showers. 

Sage Rolls 

I had ordered these Sage Sticks from amazon once and had used them just once. I decided to put them to use this time. 

Burn these sage sticks from one end and move them in circular motions around your head 21 times and then put them off and store the rest for next use. 

This is similar to how our grandmothers used to use green chillies to drive away evil. Our evil in this case is our bad energy. 

Don’t ask me the science behind these sage sticks, I just know that they work. 

Power of Prayer 

I firmly believe in the power of prayer. But my prayers are not requests to God or asking for things. My prayers are mostly communications with God, just as you communicate with your family members. I talk to God about different things, issues, ideas, thoughts, politics, corona, business and also saying Thank You for all I have got. 

When my aura got polluted, I talked to God and accepted that I have made some decisions and those decisions are now coming to bite me back. I am not feeling good, I am feeling frustrated, I am feeling angry, and I am feeling irritated about small things. Help me cleanse my aura, help me feel better, help me feel positive, help me feel at peace and motivated towards achieving my goals. 


I visualized that there was a divine cleanser falling over me from above and showering my aura with white pure peaceful energy, helping me clean it. I visualized the same over and over again. 

Sleep Prayer

Have you ever been woken with a bad dream, where it was as good as real and you are palpitating, you have a physical reaction to the dream, your heart beats faster, you sweat and feel fearful and scared? 

I have had such dreams and I know that this “Bates Motel” data that I have fed myself is going to lead to more such scary dreams. 

So, while I am in bed, trying to fall asleep, I tell my subconscious that I don’t want to see such dreams, I don’t want to be scared, I just want to get into deep sleep mode and wake up only in the morning, when it’s time to wake up. 

I also bow down to my God and pray that I sleep tight and Thank God for the day that has gone. 

Consume Positive Information

Usually, negative information such as news, corona news, the dire situation takes us off our center so the antidote to that is positive information. 

When I listen to videos of Sadhguru, I get into a positive mode. When I watch crazy nonsense comedy series, it helps me laugh and get more in the positive zone. When I watch light movies they have the positivity to help me get back to center again. 


All in all, these are the strategies I use to get my aura cleansed and get back to normal, ever motivated dreamer life. 

Let me know your thoughts? 

Let me know if these strategies helped you come out of your rut?

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