How to convert in Sales 100% of the times.

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Every entrepreneur wishes that they should convert 100% of the times. That every time they meet a potential client, they make them a client, they should get that order, they should make that sale, they should “please” the prospect to make the sale, they should tell every benefit and feature of their product and service and the prospect should be impressed by their effort.

To do the same, an entrepreneur bends backwards, to make the case in favour of themselves. The more the prospect gives you, the entrepreneur some time, the more we think that we are going to make it. We keep making those trips to these prospects hoping and wishing that “Today we should get the order”. Invisible but the beggar’s bowl is in the entrepreneur’s mind”. No matter how many demos, how many presentations and how many meetings an entrepreneur gets with the prospect, the deal is not completed.

But the entrepreneur keeps pleasing the prospect. Now the entrepreneur goes one step further and starts doing tasks FREE OF COST for the prospect, just to show them how CAPABLE we are and how they should consider giving us more work for some money. The prospect, enjoys the attention that this entrepreneur is constantly giving them, forgetting conveniently that the entrepreneur is expecting something in return.

The entrepreneur is now like this “stalking lover” getting slight hints from a beloved that they are interested but not yet ready to commit. The entrepreneur just like the lover, madly in love thinks, the more they DO for the prospect, the more the prospect is going to be convinced that they should be awarded the project.

Sooner or later, that does happen. The entrepreneur after many meeting, demos, presentations and trips to physically meet the client, and sPENDINg enormous amount of money on this prospect, does get the project but for half or one-third of the project cost.

The entrepreneur is happy that at least they got SOMETHING for the effort. The entrepreneur also conveniently forgets all the money they spent WOOING the prospect and does not count them as expenses and MOVES ON to another similar prospect, similar experience and similar one third OUTCOME year after year after year.

This is the story of every entrepreneur, mostly the ones starting off until either they GROW UP or GIVE UP.

So, what is the solution? How to discontinue this cycle of SELF SABOTAGE?

One Simple Solution: Look into the mirror and ask yourself, these questions:

  • “Were you raised to be a Sycophant?”
  • “Have you been blessed with self respect and a solid spine?”
  • “Would you ALLOW your parents or your children to be treated with such disrespect as you are allowing yourself to be treated with?”
  • “Will you buy yourself?” If you can’t buy yourself, then, why do you expect others to buy from you ?”
  • “Are you not capable of Marketing yourself more and more than settling for these 2-3 people who do not clearly value you and your services?”
  • “Can you invest your time in up skilling yourself in Marketing department than people pleasing these prospects and HOPING to get money from them?”

And last but not the least: Did you start the business to make MONEY or to SOLVE A PROBLEM. Because if you spend your energy chasing MONEY, it will run away from you but IF you spend your time and energy solving a PROBLEM, money will chase you.

No matter how CLICHE it sounds, that is the only truth about selling 100% of the times.

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