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How To Create A WordPress Website

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PS: Post contains affiliate links because I believe in those products.


Let’s face it. A single source of income is not going to be enough in today’s time. And the threat of losing the job only ads to the worries. 

But the more you worry, the more reasons will present themselves for you to worry. 

Instead demonstrate courage and be ready to face whatever comes your way with that firm resolution. 

Before we start creating websites, let’s first discuss some myths. 

Myth # 1: You need to know how to code 

Out of all the websites that I have built in my last 3 years as a freelancer, I have not written a single line of code. So that is the biggest myth that you need to know how to code to be technical in life. What you do need is an analytical mind, problem solving skills, ability to learn and correct yourself, listen intently to your client and empathy towards your clients problems.  

Myth # 2: You need to invest a lot of time to create websites

The first simple blog website I created back in 2017 took me a few days, the ecommerce website took me a month maybe but now I deliver an ecommerce website in a week and a simple info website in a couple of days. It’s all about practice and doing the same thing over and over again. 

Myth # 3: You get paid pennies to create website

I charge anywhere from USD 300 to USD 500 for creating websites. For a maximum effort of a week and that too not more than 4 hours per day, that’s not bad money. 

Myth # 4: Once I know how to create websites, I won’t have to market my services

In the ideal world, no one would have to market because no one wants to. But in the real world, even Bill Gates has to market his products and services (which now are eradicating Malaria from the face of the earth). If you don’t like to market, you need to learn how to market or forget about starting a business. 

Myth # 5: I will have to cold call people to buy from me

Selling is mandatory but being salesy salesperson is creepy. I have not picked up the phone and called anyone to buy from me in the last 3+ years as a freelancer. I did make friends, found myself at the right place at the right time because I had an intent to grow my business. I did provide solutions before expecting anything in return. I coached my clients a lot before they became my client because I don’t charge for knowledge. I only charge for execution of that knowledge. 

Myth # 6: You get orders without giving anything in return 

Now don’t get me wrong. We are in the online world and money comes and goes directly from the bank or payment gateways. So I am not talking about bribing anyone to get orders. But expecting people to decide to work with you without you giving them ample information in terms of strategy, counselling, approach, market analysis, competitor information etc will not give you any work orders. 

Create Websites 

Buy A Domain & Hosting: 

Click on the link below to buy your domain and your shared hosting space. Domain is the address of your website that people will use to get to your website and shared hosting space is the physical location where all your website files will reside. 

Namecheap URL

First search a domain name, add to cart. 

Second, from the top menu bar, go to hosting > Shared hosting > Select STELLAR hosting and add to cart. 

During checkout, they would want to connect the hosting with a domain. Select the “Domain in cart” option to checkout. 

Install WordPress 

Go to the cpanel (which you can access from the namecheap dashboard, click on the server icon next to the domain name). From cpanel, look for Softaculous and Install wordpress on the https domain name that you just purchased.

And then just select what you would like the admin username and admin password for your wordpress installation. 

And click on install wordpress. 

If the installation is successful then you will see a message that wordpress is installed successfully. 

And you will see two URLs. (this is the actual website url that people will use to browse your website) (this is the admin URL which only you will use to customize your website). 

Install Theme

Now that you have installed wordpress successfully, it is not time to install a wordpress theme. In my three years of experience creating wordpress websites I have tried and tested a number of themes. Some were free, some were $50 themes but none of them worked as beautifully as this one. 

Divi Theme 

This theme has 130+ demos that you can just install and plug and play. 

Now, it might seem expensive at first but in the long run, this is the best investment because it allows you lifetime unlimited installations. 

So if you are serious about creating websites for others and want to ramp up production, then this is the theme for you..

Once you have installed the demo version, then all you have to do is change the text, pictures and colors and you have a new site that is not exactly like their demo but was created easily from the demo. 

Once you have purchased this theme, then you go back to your wordpress dashboard ( and from the left navigation menu, go to appearance> themes 

On the themes page, click on ADD NEW and upload the file that you purchased, click on install and activate. 

Your theme is now installed successfully. 

Customize Theme – Add Logo 

To add your logo on the website, click on DIVI > Theme options > Upload your logo. 

To change the size of the logo, click on DIVI > Theme Customizer 

And then navigate to Header & Navigation > Primary Menu Bar and customize as per your liking. 

Customize Theme – Create Page

Now that you have installed the theme, from the left menu, go to DIVI> Theme options> 

And from the top menu, go to UPDATES and enter your divi theme license and click SAVE. 

Now from the left menu, go to pages and add a new page. Give it a name “Home”. 

Then click on Use Divi Builder. 

You will be shown three options. 

  1. Build from scratch. 
  2. Choose Premade Layout 
  3. Clone Existing Page

Select “Choose Premade Layout “ and click on “Browse Layouts”. 

You will see a number of layouts. 

Click on each layout to see which one you like. Choose that one and click on “Use This Layout”. 

Don’t worry if after installation you don’t like it. You can delete the page and start fresh. You can also use different layouts for different pages but I would recommend that for one website, you use one layout and different pages within the same layout. 

Once you click on “Use This Layout”, then that layout will be installed on that page. You will notice that all the sections of the page are editable, when you hover over them. 

Not the nomenclatures. 

The widest purple block is called a SECTION

Within a SECTION, there are MODULES

If you click on the WHEEL icon, you can edit both SECTION and MODULE. 

If you don’t want the full width area, then you can have ROWs. 

And within ROWs you can have MODULE. All in all, it looks like this.. 


Clicking on the wheel icon of each SECTION, ROW or MODULE, you can edit the text, images and colors. Click to explore more yourself. 

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the more you learn. 

If you make irreparable damages, TRASH the page and start over again. 

If you mess up the whole site, TRASH the website and start over again. 

There is nothing that you will do that cannot be redone from scratch. 

The more time you spend learning now, creating your own blog website, the easier it will become when you deal with client sites. 

Once Your Website Is Ready 

Once your website is ready, and you are satisfied with it, install a plugin called UPDRAFT and take a manual backup of your website. 

To install a plugin, click on the PLUGINS link on the left navigation of WordPress Dashboard, click on ADD Plugin, search for updraft, Install and activate plugin. 

Once activated, go to SETTINGS of that plugin and take manual backup. 

Start Blogging 

Now you can start blogging. Click on POST on left navigation on wordpress dashboard, add, post title, post content, post featured image and publish your first article. 

See it visible automatically on the BLOG page ( If you created a new BLOG page and installed the Blog layout). 

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