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Will Power Does Not Work. Burning Desire Does. 7 Ways To Spark Your Desire To Burn.

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We all have tried “Will Power”. It lasts a few days before it fizzles out.

Whatever our goal might be. We could want to go to the gym, go for a run, make more money, upskill ourselves, change our car, go for that vacation that we so dream about, lost those extra pounds, go on a diet, we FEEL the “Will Power” for 2-3 days or a 1 week and then we forget about it. So much so like, the will power willingly left us.

If we rely solely on will power, then we will never accomplish our goals. Because we wouldn’t know when we left sight of our goals. Others would wait for the new year to come to start a new resolution, only to see that fade away.

Some won’t wait for new years, they would just wait for the next Monday to come and wouldn’t even realize when it came and went. In the process, precious days of our life are just going by.

So how do we break this pattern?

I went through the same hoops of will power coming and going, only to conclude that its not going to work for me. Instead, I employed the following 7 strategies to accomplish my goals.

Understanding DESIRE.

We all get some idea or another, some desire or the other. Those desires are our personal intuitions. Each individual (no matter if they are your partner, parent, child, other family members), they will have their OWN desires. And a desire or an idea that comes to us, while we are just BEING in our own company, is an indication of what your inner being thinks you can accomplish, you can have, you deserve to have and they are already a reality. They are just not our reality (yet), in the physical world.

Now it is up to us to take that indication seriously or let it pass by. Now, we have to remember that our inner being is stronger than us because it has traveled way more lifetimes, than us who are only focused on this one. Because it is stronger, it keeps showing us the same indication (idea , desire) again and again and if we are not heeding to it, then we are complaining on how we cannot make it happen or how we cannot have it. But according to your inner being, your every desire, be it your body form, be it your financial, be it that dream vacation, be it that dream job, be it that successful business, that desire is already accomplished.

If you have seen the movie “Hidden Figures”, where the Program Manager Kevin Costner is working late, and Katherine comes to his office, to put the calculations, Kevin Costner says, put the calculations in the dustbin because they are obsolete now. He is trying hard to put a man in space and things are just not working out for him. He asks Katherine, do you believe we can get to space? and she says, Yes Sir. And he says later, “In my mind, I am already there.”

This is the magnificent power of the human mind. Whatever you can conceive, you can achieve.

Understand the Mind.

I am a student Siddharth Rajsekar’s Freedom Lifestyle course and every week when we meet, he reminds us how important it is for us to listen to “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale.

I have been listening to the “Strangest Secret” every morning for the past couple of months as a ritual or as a prescription. This video/audio reminds me of how much potential does the human mind has and what do I want to do with it. It reminds me to THINK about my goals all the time, to plant the seeds of success if I want success and seeds of failure if I want failure.

I can resonate with it so much because I had in the past sowed the seeds of self-pity so many times, that all I got myself was in a pitiable situation and the when I planted the seeds of courage, joy, enthusiasm, giving, I got so much in return.

So listen to the “Strangest Secret every day, twice daily to get benefitted from it.

Writing Down Desires.

Earl Shoaff, Mentor to Jim Rohn, tells us in his 1962 video, that you can make your desires a reality by writing down every single day, every desire that comes to your mind. He does not say write the same desire again and again, like the punishment we got in school. Instead, write a new desire every day and write it as if you are visualizing it with all your senses.

He says, if your goal is to get a new car, then describe it in complete detail, color, features, smell, texture, make, model, cc, petrol/diesel etc. Be very very specific and make sure you write it as if you own it. Otherwise, you might just get to sit in the same car that belongs to someone else. haha.

At the end of your elaborate description of what you desire, write down a BIG THANK YOU to whoever you believe in and close that page and put it away, never to look at it again.

I write my desires in the same diary (a new one every day) and never turn the pages back to read the past one. I let the creative juices flow when I write them.

Even Steve Jobs, when he expected his engineers to create a phone with one button, must have visualized the phone with one button to the Tee and thats why sent his engineers back to the design board until they got it right, exactly the version that they had in mind.

Be Consistent. Show Up Every Day.

Now, you might think that if you have written your desires and put it away and it will AUTOMATICALLY become a reality. Even though I don’t question the law of attraction becomes many times, in life, we get exactly what we were expecting BUT LOA works only when we have no resistance to the idea of getting something we desire.

In our culture, we have been taught to work hard to get a dream life. All our lives, we have given our 200% to every task. Therefore it is difficult for our minds to believe that we can get something without working for it.

Even Abraham Hicks, the famous LOA teacher since 1980s teaches us to back our desires with inspired action. Do what you do, consistently, no matter how difficult it gets.

Show up for work every single day and work in the direction of making your dreams a reality. Sometimes, situations will be tough and we would want to GIVE up and try some other totka but stay at it.

If your faith does not make it happen for you, your commitment will.

— Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Have Fun. Dance. Forget About it. Let Go.

For our dreams to become a reality, we need to let them go and let them make themselves a reality. Instead what we do is stick to our desires as chewing gum and keep fussing about why they are not becoming a reality. It’s just like, telling someone to do something again and again. It is called nagging. The more you nag, the more your dreams fly away from you.

Be like the butterfly, detached and beautiful.

Keep It a Secret.

Like I said earlier, your desires are your OWN. Everyone has their own set of desires. Sometimes, in a family, desires get intertwined and everything works out for everybody.

But before your desire becomes a reality, keep it a secret. Not everybody will believe in your desire and their non-confidence might shake your confidence too.

Instead, keep giving internal energy to your desire by nurturing it within you every day.

If its a desire, that makes a lot of people happy, then no one will have a problem with it once it becomes a reality.

Repeat Everyday.

Repeat the above every single day and your desire will start to become a burning desire.

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